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I will eventually start writing both in english and spanish, but for now my blog is available only in ESPAÑOL. I usually post on Instagram in english so you might have ended up here because of that.


About Me

My name is Luis Rivera:

  • Ecuadorian
  • Athlete
  • Engineer
  • Guitarist
  • Passionate about tech, music, sports, family and friends

I was born in Quito, Ecuador. All my life I’ve been a hardcore music and sports lover. I discovered technology around 1990 when my dad bought an IBM PC. I loved playing with it and also writing small scripts.

My school years were pretty much spent playing basketball and football (soccer). Sports have been a great part of my life. I was selected for teams both in college and highschool; in table tennis I represented my state playing a few tournaments. I was the champion in the first Streetball 3×3 Challenge in my country.

I studied Computer Science in college and became an Engineer. I worked for a few tech companies and became an independent contractor back in 2007. I currently work mainly for clients in New York, Boston and my hometown. I’m also an entrepreneur involved in technology projects.

I discovered bodybuilding back in 2012 and kind of went on and off training for a few years. I was the guy that trained but then went on a crazy 2 week partying rampage with my friends, until I finally made the decision to treat my body as a temple.

Bodybuilding has given me discipline, character, determination and a healthy body and mind.

I decided to write this blog to share my ideas about training, so that anyone out there that also has this passion can learn a little bit with me along the way. I’m not sure if I’ll ever write about other topics here yet, but who knows.

My goal is to become the strongest version of myself.

To me, body and mind are one and the same. When I train to the best of my abilities my mind grows; it gives me focus and stability. When I read a new book or watch a new self improvement video, it motivates me and my training improves. I like to think about my body as “a work in progress”.

I believe the only person you have to proof something to is yourself, so I compete with yesterday’s version of me daily. My body goals are to have an amazing looking, functional and healthy physique. My life goals are to be close to my family, be healthy, learn new things and to be at peace with who I am and who I’m becoming.